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Advanced Health Care Directives

In 2006, the Pennsylvania State Legislature passed Act 169 which provided a comprehensive statutory frame work governing advanced health care directives and health care decision making for Pennsylvania residents. This law took effect on January 29, 2007. This law provides that an adult individual has the right to designate a person of their choosing to make health care decisions for them in the event they become incapable of making those decisions for themselves. The law also provides that an adult individual has the right to designate their desires regarding treatment decisions in the event that they have an incurable injury, disease or illness that is certified to be a terminal condition. With this document, you provide your family, doctors and hospitals with specific instructions as to your medical treatment. If you choose not to have an Advanced Health Care Directive, the State of Pennsylvania has promulgated a set of rules that will govern your health care.

We can assist you in preparing your Advanced Healthcare Directive so that your family is protected. The process is simple. We offer free consultations and in most cases can quote upfront fees.

If you have questions concerning Advanced Health Care Directives, call our office at 724-216-6433 or contact us via email on the "contact us" page.


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