Last Will and Testament

In Pennsylvania, every adult individual is permitted to make their desires known as to the disposition of their assets. The document that does this is called a Will. Wills can be modified at any point in time up to the date of death of the maker. As circumstances change, it is common for Wills to be modified.

In the event that a person passes away without a Legal Will, the State of Pennsylvania has set forth rules that govern the disposition of all of their assets. These rules are called Intestate Succession.

The process of preparing a Will is quite simple. You need to give some consideration as to how you wish to distribute your assets. You also need to give consideration to the person that will be in charge of administering the estate. This person is called the Executor. This information is provided to the attorney who will then prepare the Will in accordance with your desires.

If You Do Not Have a Will

Again, if you do not have a Will, the State of Pennsylvania will dictate who gets your assets and who will be in charge of administering the estate.

We can assist you in preparing your Last Will and Testament so that your family is protected. The process is simple. We offer free consultations and in most cases can quote upfront fees.

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