Executor Responsibilities in Pennsylvania

The executor of an estate is the person in charge of the probate process. The executor's main responsibilities are to gather all of the probate assets, to satisfy the financial obligations of the decedent, to pay all appropriate taxes, and to distribute the estate in accordance with the Will.

Typically, an executor will retain an attorney for purposes of assisting them in completion of these responsibilities.

When You are Named as Executor

When you are named as an executor it is very important to consult with an experienced probate attorney.

At David K. Lucas & Associates we assist you in fulfilling your responsibilities as an executor. We can help locate probate assets, manage the probate estate, complete all necessary tax returns, and assist you in the final distribution of assets. We know how stressful these duties can be on your own.

It is very important to remember that as an executor you have a responsibility to the beneficiaries of the estate. You will also need to provide an account to the Register of Wills outlining all financial activity that occurred during your appointment as executor.

When you are called upon to handle the responsibilities of an executor, call on the experienced probate attorneys at David K. Lucas & Associates to help. Call our office at 724-836-3300 or complete our easy-to-use contact form today!