Requesting Custody and Visitation of Grandchildren

Generally, it is very difficult for a third party to obtain custody rights over a minor child. In Pennsylvania, there are certain exceptions to the general rule, and one set of exceptions applies to grandparents requesting custody or visitation rights for their grandchildren.

The Pennsylvania State Legislature has recognized that grandparents develop a special relationship with their grandchildren and that this relationship needs to be protected under certain circumstances.

Grandparents are mentioned in the law as being eligible for two specific kinds of custody:

  • Partial physical custody
  • Supervised physical custody (visitation)

The circumstances to which grandparents are entitled to petition the Court include the situation where the parents' marriage is dissolved or the parents are separated, when the minor child has resided with the grandparents or when a parent is deceased.

If any of these circumstances exist, a grandparent is entitled to request custody/visitation from the Court.

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