Living in the Marital Residence

Routinely our office receives calls from mothers who are interested in moving forward with a divorce but are afraid to do so because they are afraid of the financial matters involved in the divorce.

Before a decision to file divorce is made, it is important to understand both your legal rights and legal obligations. A consultation with an experienced divorce attorney should provide you with a full and complete explanation of these rights and obligations.

  • Pennsylvania law provides that each party is entitled to an equitable portion of all of the marital assets.
  • There are certain protections that the Court can afford a dependent spouse such as exclusive possession to the marital residence. This allows the dependent spouse to stay in the home during the pendency of the divorce case.

You are required to petition the Court to obtain exclusive possession of the marital residence.

Divorce and Equitable Distribution

Additional subjects related to a mother's rights include:

If you have questions about a mother's rights in Pennsylvania and how to protect yourself in the event of divorce, please call our office at 724-836-3300 or visit our contact page today.