What is a Prenup?

Pennsylvania law provides that spouses acquire certain rights to property of the other spouse as soon as they are married.

For this reason, it is very important to review the economic consequences of getting married. If you are an individual planning to get married and have any assets currently in your own name, it is to your benefit to discuss a prenup with an experienced divorce attorney.

  • A prenuptial agreement can protect your premarital assets.
  • A prenuptial agreement should be completed well before your date of marriage.

It is very important to make certain that your prenuptial agreement discloses all of your premarital assets. If full disclosure is made, the Courts of Pennsylvania will enforce the terms of the agreement.

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Prenuptial Flexibility and Changing Terms

A prenuptial agreement can be drafted so that the terms change over time. For example, a prenuptial agreement can terminate if you have been married in excess of 15 years.

There is a great deal of flexibility when putting together a premarital agreement, and at the Law Offices of David K. Lucas & Associates, our attorneys have years of experience in drafting prenup agreements. Let us help protect your premarital assets.

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